Monday, August 26, 2013

Queen of MESS!

I'll admit... I'm an extremely messy and unorganized person. Most of the time, I can past by fine, but there are times when I lose something important and it frustrates me. One of my goals for this school year is to become more efficient and neat. I thought this was going fine, until one day I saw the gigantic pile of insubstantial goods in my room and literally said "OH MY GOODNESS..."(for the record, my mom won't even come into my room haha). So, I spent my Sunday afternoon doing a bit of "spring"-cleaning in summer. Now, even though I'm an amateur in the "arts of organization", I'm going to give some tips on how to use space more effectively, which is something I have to deal with. Here's a photo of the chaotic state of a corner in my room:

Before - 

As you can see, I have so much stuff in my room (sad thing is, this is only a tiny fraction of my room). 

Tips for Organizing your Room:

1) Levels

Since there is limited room in my space, I like to add various levels to shelves so I can maximize the space I have to put various things here and there. It also makes it easier to group and categorize everything. 

2) Reusable containers

I don't normally buy any containers or storage items, because I mostly reuse old containers. For example, my jewelry box is in fact a Jules Destrooper tin biscuit box - but for the record it stores things really well! Since my family drinks a lot of tea, most of the boxes and containers I have are old tea tin boxes. I mostly use them to sort my stationary, and also a few beauty items here and there. If you want some inexpensive storage containers, I definitely recommend Ikea (the Glis boxes are my favourite, even though they're meant for kids.)

3) Weekly cleanups

My room tends to get quite messy in a week or so after I properly clean it - I blame myself for being such a lover of junk and buying the most random pieces. Therefore, I propose a weekly cleanup for those of you who get quite overwhelmed when things are out of order or if you happen to lose anything. I do find some interesting items from my cleanups though, I must say. 

After - 

And voila! Looking pretty neat - now let's see how long this is going to last before my room looks like the "before" photo again (haha oops). Please comment if you have any tips for organizing your room! x