Friday, September 20, 2013

What's in My School Bag?

So I decided to start a new series, called the "What's in my _______?". Basically, I'll be showing everyone the type of bag (style, brand, etc.) that I use, and all the essential items that I keep in it. In order not to bore everyone to death, I will try to make my post (and photos) as minimalistic as possible, while still making it informative and interesting.

The backpack that I am currently using is actually really new, and it was a gift from a friend. Apparently, he bought his backpack online (at Revolve Clothing I think? I'm not too sure about the details) and there was a buy one get one "super cheap" sale. So THANKS to my awesome friend for getting this bag for me, because I love it.

This is the Settlement Backpack in Navy/Red from Herschel Supply and Co. It's a great, vintage looking bag with an eye-catching colour contrast that adds a pop of colour to your outfit. The interior is also lined with padding, suitable for protecting your laptop. I'd also like to add that blue and red are my favourite colours (along with purple).

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I never realised the number of red coloured items in my school bag. I'll go through everything systematically from left to right, starting from the top row.

Top Row:

1) Sigg Water Bottle - light weight and sturdy (but very prone to dents)

2) Guerrero Notebooks - not the best quality in terms of paper, but I do like how it fits into a two hole binder.

3) Letts Academic Year Planner (in Black) - high quality planner/diary that is suitable for school and academics

4) Red Spiral Notebook - really love this brand (a Japanese brand called Maruman), and the size is suitable for jotting down thoughts and reflections

5) Red folder - nothing special, but the colour is certainly bold and striking

6) Composition book - humorous cover, from Typo by Cotton On

7) Pencil case - clear pencil case to see the contents; most of the stationary are from Muji

8) Wallet/Clutch - from Cotton On; faux snake skin, price was VERY reasonable and it's multi-functional 

9) iPhone 4 + Nixon Earphones (The Wire 3-Button Mic) - nothing that special, but I put my phone and earphones in a black and white patterned pouch from Goods of Desire.

Well, these are all the essential things that are in my school bag! Hopefully this post was interesting to read, and I'll gladly do more of these posts in the near future. :)